The Prodigal Heart

Christian Books

By Karen Cogan

Publisher : America House

ABOUT Karen Cogan

Karen Cogan
I've enjoyed writing articles and stories for years. Now, I write novels and love it!  I am a native of Texas and now live in New Mexico. I have a myriad of pets, teach in a public school, and love the outdoors. My husband is a professional artist and we have just experienced the birth  More...



Rachel thinks she has her life under control.  She has succeeded in starting a business and she tells herseelf all her dreams have come true.  But there is one dream that lies buried in her past, so painful that she tries never to think of it.  She tries to erase all memory of her heart-stopping first love...until Jonathon walks back into her life.
Their love picks up where they left off.  Yet, Rachel longs for a man with a strong faith in God.  Does she see a desire to know God stirring in Jonathon?  And if she does, can she trust him with her heart?