The Kingdom of Colors, Indra's Jewels

Children's Books

By Angel Buster

Publisher : Booksurge

ABOUT Angel Buster

Angel Buster
I'm a new children's book author with a passion to make a difference for young children. My new book series is designed to provide ample opportunities for open discussion between parents and children and to stimulate creative thinking. My profession is in the corporate world, where I worke More...



One day, on her eighth birthday, the intuitive Indra begins to see and experience things differently than she ever had before. And a surreal afternoon in the kingdom restores her hope and belief that a long-anticipated wish might

finally come true.

Indra’s Jewels

, the first in The Kingdom of Colors series, is a magical adventure that shows children and adults how to celebrate their natural gifts of intuition and creativity—the very essence of life’s wonder. It marks the beginning of a little girl’s heroic adventure to discover her purpose and her ultimate realization that she cannot reach her own dreams without the help of other people. At the higher level, it is a story about hope and connection. It is about losing all that is so precious in our own humanity – and the journey to get it back.