Fairy Senses (The Key to Embralia, Book One)

General Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Frances Ruiz

Publisher : Hinterland Sky Press

ABOUT Frances Ruiz

Frances Ruiz
Frances Ruiz is a native of Asheville, NC. She holds a degree in Creative Writing with an Additional Major in Spanish from Carnegie Mellon University. She has traveled to and lived in several different countries, including Argentina, Spain, and Austria.



The fat, one-foot tall, miniature man with dragon wings that Kelly catches in her refrigerator, his face smeared with her fourteenth birthday cake, is not what she imagined a fairy would look like. But he proudly claims to be a "perfect specimen". Kelly soon learns that she herself is half-fairy, which means everything she has ever been told about her absent father is a lie. Who was he and why has her mother been lying about him? Kelly vows to find out, but her plans are interrupted when US presidential candidate Marcos Witherings kidnaps her. He is a half-fairy too, and he wants another of his kind to help him in a twisted plan that far exceeds a simple desire to be US president. Kelly escapes and flees to the underwater fairy kingdom of Glendenland, where she must race to develop her fledgling "fairy senses" before it's too late.

Awards: 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist
"Frances Ruiz has crafted a delightful little story here, mixing elements of Harry Potter and Anne McCaffrey with a batch of likeable characters in an imaginative fairyland...Ruiz’s writing carries the story along with a gentle simplicity that is both charming and addictive...Long after I closed the book, I could feel my imagination humming with golden fairy wings and underwater castles." --Erin Stropes, Developmental Editor, Canada