Homer the Helicopter Grand Canyon Adventures!

Children's Books

By Julie W. Buscher

Publisher : self-published; Central Plains Book Mfg. Co.

Homer the Helicopter Grand Canyon Adventures!

ABOUT Julie W. Buscher

Julie W. Buscher
I was born and raised in rural Central Utah. I graduated from LDSBusinessCollege, Salt Lake City, Utah; thereafter I  worked as a secretary and also a paralegal secretary for many years, and am an experienced business writer. I’ve traveled the country, and lived in the western United St More...


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From his pug nose, to his emerald green eyes and shiny blades, down his sleek frame to his tail rotor, this little 'copter will captivate you from the start.
Follow Homer from his beginnings at the helicopter factory on an epic journey, as he learns the ropes of being a touring helicopter.
Meet Homer's beautiful mother, Elsa, the golden helicopter, as she tries to discipline her rascal son while he ziggs and zaggs in every direction.
Learn along with Homer how to fly a helicopter, as he's taught by ace pilots, Hank and Jennie.
Gasp as the quick-silver-streak 'copter pops out of the puffy clouds, spinning straight down!
Dodge sharp spires and rugged chasms of the Grand Canyon as Homer thrills his passengers with the ride of their lives!
Laugh with the children when they nick-name Homer the "The Cliff-Hangin' 'copter.
Skim the waters of the deep canyon valleys, as Homer meets face-to-face with the raging Colorado River!
Soar high in the deep blue sky with Homer as he befriends his nemesis, the great bald eagle Baldazar, and learns amazing aerial stunts.
Experience Homer's horrifying crash as he skids across the Colorado River, smashing into huge, razor-sharp boulders.
Grin with Homer when Jennie meets the wrecked 'copter, has him repaired, and teaches him to be an air-ambulance helicopter.
Race against time through a perilous desert sand storm to save a young boy.

You'll delight in watching your children laugh and learn with Homer as he grows from a mischievous young helicopter to an experienced flier. Danger, pitfalls, excitement and heartfelt love abound throughout this delightful, entertaining and educational chapter book for 5-10 ages and grownups young at heart.

With 72 pages including more than 20 color illustrations, this aviation tale is sure to engage and enchant young people everywhere. Even teaches youngsters how to pilot a helicopter.

Homer is an enjoyable read-aloud book and has been recommended as an aid in helping young children expand their vocabulary and their understanding of the English language. It's also recommended as an excellent example of descriptive language for young writers. Classroom teachers will find it a good resource for "lifting sentences" to show examples of entertaining and descriptive writing.

Children will enjoy having Homer on their bookshelves and parents will appreciate its contribution to the child's language development.

Readers' Comments:


Beverly Cameron, UA Flight Engineer & Ground School Instructor: "A great story with excellent details about aviation. A story for all 'kids,' little kids & big kids, with very good illustrations."


Jody Berman, Professional Book Editor: "Hope that people love the story. I sure did!"


Sharon Deloy, Writer: "It was great! I loved the book. It was heartfelt & exciting at the same time. Great book, Julie."


Joe Bowden, Book Publisher: “Good art, well balanced in structure. The tech talk makes it read for 3rd grade and up (a read-a-long for younger kids).


Bo Buscher, 7 yr.old "I read your book. I liked it. Thank you for the book!"


Tammy Buscher, mother: "We really enjoyed reading the book together. I read a couple chapters each. night to Bo. Each night he would beg for just one more chapter."


Starrlet  Rogers: “I’ve read half the book and I like it!”


John Etch.: “The illustrations are magnificent.”


Valorie Waldroup.: “Excellent book and illustrations are awesome.”


Mark Humbert, Local Color Mag. Reporter:  When it’s my 7-yr. old’s bedtime, if I read him “Homer the Helicopter” he won’t fuss about going to bed.


Orla Engstrom, Sect. Of Whirly-Girls International Women Helicopter Pilots:

“I love your book and the drawings are fantastic!”

Endorsed by Aviatrix Geraldine “Jerri” Mock  became the first woman to pilot an aircraft on a solo trip around the world. It took her 29 days on April 18, 1964. Her single-engine Cessna 180 was called the Spirit of Columbus. She also holds the women's nonstop distance record of more than 4,500 miles.

Jan. 7, 2008                                                                                       


"Dear Julie,

Your book about Homer Helicopter is exciting because it describes how thrilling it is to control a little plane. (helicopter).

Young people need to learn that there is so much more to flying than getting from here to there.

I will be honored to have my name used with 'Helicopter Homer.'

Happy Flying,

Signed: Jerri Mock"

Dec. 18, 2007

“Dear Julie,

Thanks for your delightful book. Homer and his pilot friends are loveable characters. As they hover and play around I am reminded of my early flying days when I spent hours circling around in my little Luscombe, just thrilled to be in the air. Today’s young people need to be inspired. Maybe Homer can do it.

Signed: Jerri Mock”