An Eagle Unchained

General Fiction

By James Olson

Publisher : Erian Press

ABOUT James Olson

James Olson
James R. Olson has published six novels and co-authored a non-fiction book.  His books have won several awards for excellence.  He currently resides in Texas where he is working on his latest.  For detailed information, visit his website at


"A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have." Thomas Jefferson.

Award winning author James R. Olson has crafted a novel warning America about a government out of control-an insatiable monster devouring our resources and our freedoms. Oppressive laws and regulations are forcing businesses to outsource jobs, or relocate entirely to less restrictive countries. Millions are unemployed as the middle class is fast slipping into poverty, leaving only two social groups; those dependent on government handouts and those bled dry to pay for social programs.

Only one man has the courage to stand against the establishment. Businessman Theodore Winston Hale commits his considerable fortune to establishing the American Party and financing his own Presidential campaign. He reaches out to a desperate nation with his message that more laws, more regulations, and more government is not the answer because an intrusive Federal government IS the problem.

The powerful elite controlling the nation's political machinery don't consider Ted Hale a threat to their power base until the American people begin responding to his message. Then they fight back with every dirty weapon in their arsenal. When those tactics prove ineffective in slowing Hale's momentum, the opposition turns to the ultimate weapon-assassination.
Read it as a thriller or a political wakeup call, either way you will have a most enjoyable presidential campaign -- perhaps better than the real thing." - Nicky Rossiter, (Ireland)

Rare is a time that one receives a book from a small publisher that is this good. From the writing to the actual presentation, everything is first class. - Andrew Ian Dodge, All News Book Reviews

"An Eagle Unchained" is a deftly written account of America falling into a dystopia - and that there is still potential for them to recover even at it's worse, as an optimistic turn of events. A top pick for fiction libraries everywhere." - Midwest Book Review

this is a great story and is well written. I recommend it." - S. Peek

congratulations Mr Olson on a fine piece of writing and a great yarn." - KEN SCOTT author "Scotty" (Spain)

I couldn’t put it down. This book gets my vote."  - HUNTRESS REVIEWS Reviewed by Paul Stabler.

A powerful, dynamic read! Highly recommended." - Susanna Hutcheson

A great read for anyone who follows politics and particularly for someone who thinks that "there's no point voting;the government is going to win anyway". - J. Guild (Toronto,Canada)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book . . .to the extent that I read it twice through in a short period of time. - David Zampino "21st Century Hobbit"