Close to the Edge

General Fiction

By Victor Fortezza

Publisher : Author House

ABOUT Victor Fortezza

victor fortezza
The son of Sicilian immigrants, I've lived in Brooklyn all my life except for the time I spent at Western Michigan University, from which I graduated in 1971. I've had 49 short stories published in small press magazines. I contribute articles to I have three books in print, nov More...



   Crime and Punishment with sexuality at its core. Set in an Italian-American community in Brooklyn, 1978. The lives of three young strangers, two men and a woman, will cross paths at a night club.
   Ever wonder what makes someone go off the deep end?
   Mature audiences only.

Ever wonder what makes someone go off the deep end?

5.0 out of 5 stars CLOSER THAN "CLOSE"..., August 31, 2004
I read a book this weekend by fellow Brooklynite Vic Fortezza, and I was moved to the extent that I had to write this review. I'm not going to get into specifics, but believe me, this book reads as a deeply personal recollection and almost painfully honest self-analysis of the storyteller's psyche. I write songs as a hobby, and even in that medium, I doubt that I could ever hang everything out there for people to "see" the way that this author does (in his very first book!)--But therein lies the fascination...almost to the point of being spellbinding. I'm now in the process of looking into Mr. Fortezza's shorter literary endeavors, and I'll be on the lookout for his next full-length title. Please do read this!