Reflecting Strengths: transformative lessons from resilient youth

ABOUT Chris Trout

Chris Trout
Chris Trout, founder of Strengths in Focus, is an international speaker, writer and coach. His insights are grounded in a rich, thirty-year, hands-on exploration of strengths-focused work in education, family mediation, positive youth development and parenting. Chris’ highly acclaimed St More...



Beginning with an inspired lesson from teens in foster care (and some giant sequoias), this collection explores ideas ranging from the power of intention and the role of our perceptions to themes of self-image, resiliency, expectations, authenticity, the language of strengths, improvisational parenting, giving ourselves a break and the power of one. Collectiverly, they are an inspired and personal short-course on shifting our focus from fixing what is wrong to growing what is right. Separately, they are daily meditations, discussion starters, training tools and a reminder that "where we focus, grows."