An Artful Deception

General Fiction

By Karen Cogan

Publisher : Avalon Books

ABOUT Karen Cogan

Karen Cogan
I've enjoyed writing articles and stories for years. Now, I write novels and love it!  I am a native of Texas and now live in New Mexico. I have a myriad of pets, teach in a public school, and love the outdoors. My husband is a professional artist and we have just experienced the birth  More...





Lady Katharine Kirby is trapped between two impossible choices. Either she will marry the cousin she despises or be sent away to marry the young man pledged to her in childhood. Her memories of young Philip are so unfavorable that she chooses him only to avoid an immediate attachment to her cousin. Now, with each jolt of the coach, her heart cries out for escape.

Suddenly, the accidental deaths of her traveling companions offer her the chance she has awaited. With no one left alive to vouch for her identity, she may escape her fate. She has not seen her groom since they were children. Surely he would not recognize her.  She is convinced that she has hatched a brilliant plan by changing identities with her


lady’s maid, who was killed in the accident. With Lady Katharine now presumed dead and the assumed identity of Ginny, the maid, Lady Katharine need not marry at all.

However, she does not count upon becoming employed as a maid at Lord Philip’s estate. Nor does she anticipate the changes that the years have brought to the once arrogant boy. When she discovers a handsome and compassionate man has taken his place, will she regret her hasty change of identity?