Weight Training Workouts that Work: Volume II

Health, Mind & Body

By James Orvis

Publisher : Ideal Publishing

ABOUT James Orvis

James Orvis
James Orvis is a personal trainer and author. Starting in 1993, James has been teaching, researching, writing and using the best workout and nutritional programs for maximum results. The goal : Anybody, any age, any fitness level, to look and feel their best! James two previous books are W More...


"An easy to use guide that made our muscles grow and our tummys shrink. Highly recommended!" -- Weights Work Newsletter, February 15, 2004

Product Description
The ultimate workout guide. Simple, tested, proven weight training routines.

12 week program with week-by-week workouts all planned out. Just like having your own personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.

Includes 3 detailed photos of each of the 40 best weight lifting exercises ever invented. Showing the full range of motion so you will never perform an exercise incorrectly again.

Start today on your new body. Its fast, easy and only takes an hour or two per week. GUARANTEED!