Wear Clean Underwear!: A Fast, Fun, Friendly and Essential Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents

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By Alexis Martin Neely

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

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Alexis Martin Neely


Now that you are a parent, wearing clean underwear when you leave home simply isn't enough. You've planned birthday parties, playdates and education, but have you adequately planned for what would happen if you were in an accident? What would happen in the first 24 hours while the officials locate your family members and arrange for your children's care? Are your plans sufficient to keep your children in the care of people you know and trust during these critical hours? And what about your money and home? Will your legal documents keep your family together or tear them apart? In an easy-to-read story format, Wear Clean Underwear takes you on a journey to discover in fast, simple-to-understand terms exactly what will happen based on your current plan, and what happens if you don't have a plan. Showing you how to avoid unnecessary taxes and a broken-down court system, the book guides you to transfer your values, love, and support to your children and loved ones with ease.
This book will impact the way you think about your assets, values and children. Now is the time to take action; it could save your children from paying excessive estate taxes or suffering a drawn-out probate. More importantly, what you do today could ensure your values are passed down for generations; leave the legacy you intended to leave. -- Loral Langemeier "mother, master coach, wealth strategist, best-selling author of the Millionaire Maker book series and founder and CEO of the wealth building community LiveOutLoud.com"