Toxic Clean Up: How to Stop the Spread of Dysfunctional Management

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By Teresa Day

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Toxic Clean Up: How to Stop the Spread of Dysfunctional Management

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Teresa Day
As an entrepreneur, business owner, and corporate executive, Teresa Day has designed and built a corporate culture of contribution, value and respect with significant impact to the bottom line. She has also experienced firsthand functional and dysfunctional managerial practices and their e More...



Do you have high employee turnover or absenteeism rates? Are your employees disengaged and unproductive? Do you dread going to work? Today's workplace environments are teeming with dysfunctional managerial practices that lead to the development of toxic workplaces. The end result is failure - failure for the business to live up to its potential, failure to keep good talent, failure to provide an environment that generates productivity and a solid bottom line. This failure is tragic and unnecessary. Read this book to find out how you can rid your workplace of the Seven Deadly Toxins and increase morale and productivity.
"We have met the enemy, and he is us. Those words come to mind as I read Toxic Clean Up an absolute winner of a book by Teresa Day. This book should be required reading for every manager in every company no matter what the industry, product, or size of the organization. This book contains hard-hitting truth, and yet is still a pleasure to read." -- Joe Calloway "Consultant, Speaker and Author ("