Top 20 Parents: Raising Happy, Responsible & Emotionally Healthy Children

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By Paul Bernabei

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Top 20 Parents: Raising Happy, Responsible & Emotionally Healthy Children

ABOUT Paul Bernabei

Paul Bernabei
Paul Bernabei directs Noble Ventures, an effort assisting schools, businesses, churches and organizations in developing their potential. He has been an educator in Twin Cities schools for 32 years, has conducted hundreds of retreats for youth and adults, and directs Share-a-Life, a program More...



Potential: A power within each child that waits and waits and waits to get activated so it can make a wonderful difference in his or her life.

The principals and strategies presented in Top 20 Parents have activated the potential of people of all ages. In Top 20 Parents they are presented for parents of children eight years old and younger. These easily understood and immediately applicable tools will activate our children's potential to become happy, responsible and emotionally healthy.

How should I respond so it does not have a negative effect on my child? Top 20 Parents provides helpful answers to many parenting questions. It has brought about a level of consciousness to the way I respond to day-to-day situations that in the past were left to chance. Now my response to my kids' mistakes has a positive impact on their self-esteem -- Jody Redman "mother"