State of the Union: A Tribute to Ronald Reagan

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By David L Hancock

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

State of the Union: A Tribute to Ronald Reagan

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David L Hancock
David L. Hancock is a former, nationally recognized mortgage broker and now founder of Morgan James Publishing which he has taken from a start-up to a $10 million business and was ranked number 44 on Fast Company's Fast 50 Companies for 2006. Hancock was even named a Finalist in the Best C More...



This book is an insight to the time and the Presidency of Ronald Reagan and is dedicated to promoting the legacy of President Ronald Reagan, to fulfilling the vision of his life's work and to ensure that America's future remains bright. To realize President Reagan's dreams for our generation and generations to come, a Memorial Fund has been established to benefit his Library in Simi Valley, California. Ten percent of the proceeds are being donated to that fund. Ronald Reagan believed that everything happened for a reason, and that we can trust in God's purposes. He believed that people are basically good. He had no tolerance for bigotry or injustice. Above all, he believed in the courage and triumph of free men and in the capacity of the American people to overcome any obstacle. With bold, persistent action, he restored the confidence of our nation, strengthened the spirit of free enterprise, challenged and shamed an oppressive empire, and inspired millions with his conviction and moral courage. As he showed what a President should be, he also showed us what a man should be. Ronald Reagan carried himself with a decency and attention to the small kindnesses that also define a good life. He was a courtly, gentle, and considerate man, never known to slight or embarrass others. Ronald Reagan deeply loved the United States of America. And that love was returned. Tens of thousands of mourners stood in line in California and in Washington, D.C. to pay their final respects. There were 21-gun salutes and dignified processions, and home-made memorials at a funeral home in Santa Monica. Our country is stronger and our world is freer for the brave leadership of this modest son of America. RonaldReagan always told us that for America, our best was yet to come. We know that is true for him, too. His work is done. And now, as President George W. Bush said, "a shining city awaits him."