Sins of Tarrant County

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By Sandy Prindle

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Sins of Tarrant County

ABOUT Sandy Prindle

Sandy Prindle
Sandy Prindle was a Tarrant County justice of the peace for twenty-four years. He retired December 31, 2006. During his career, he served Texas by sitting on numerous boards, writing and passing laws to better the justice courts. His positions of service included president of the Justices  More...



The Sins of Tarrant County takes you on a journey into the world of people's court with an edge-of-your-seat action thriller. As the drama unfolds, you will be unwilling to put the book down.

Judge Ray Sterrett runs a busy court, raises two motherless children, and oversees a flourishing karate studio. He is financially and politically secure. Life is balanced and enjoyable. Then, in just one week, all hell breaks loose.

Someone comes to his court to kill him, just misses, leaves three people dead, and literally disappears into the ground. That's bad enough, but the attempts on his life continue.

Sheriff Lee Sanders is a pro who can solve almost anything, but this is the strangest case he has ever seen. How can an uneducated redneck with limited resources evade a statewide dragnet and hire others to finish the job? Is he getting help from somewhere? If so, who? And why?

Unknown to both Judge Sterrett and Sheriff Sanders is that another killer is lurking in the background.

"Before you get to chapter ten, put on some coffee, turn off the TV, unplug the telephones, and buckle your seatbelt. You don't want distractions from this government thriller." -- Kim Brimer "TexasState Senator (ret)"