Single Past 50 Now What?: A Survival Guide for the Single Woman

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By Tammy Bleck

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Single Past 50 Now What?: A Survival Guide for the Single Woman

ABOUT Tammy Bleck

Tammy Bleck
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Tammy Bleck is over 50 years young and single. Having been married for 25 years and divorced for 5, she knows what it's like to face your "happily ever after" empty handed. A public speaker by trade, Tammy has been self employed most of her life. As an exper More...



Learn what you never knew. Face what you were afraid of. Laugh, cry, yell and wonder how a book can know so much about you. Is it possible that YOU could be better off single? Tammy Bleck found herself single after 25 years of marriage; in her fifties, her daughter off to college, broke and unemployed, and the cat and the dog to feed. Not exactly her life's plan. Born and raised in Los Angeles, an only child to a single mother, she grew up in the seedy side of the city and learned quickly how to survive. Never acquiring a college degree, Tammy has gone on to receive a Certificate of Commendation from the Mayor of Los Angeles, host a weekly talk radio program, produce a real estate television show, own a successful earthquake survival company, as well as become the co-founder of a property management company which grew to be one of the largest in Southern California. This latest life circumstance has spawned yet another career: author and public speaker.