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By Betty M Rolle

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing


ABOUT Betty M Rolle

Betty M Rolle



Silhouette is an eclectic collection of pithy poems and short stories that portray universal experiences in a uniquely Bahamian way. Love, rejection, faith, doubt, dismay, hope, rest - every human experience conceivable is reflected in Silhouette. Wonderfully crafted in the beauty of the English Language, Silhouette at times playfully mocks and at other times ominously reflects a dark, sinister picture of what makes us human. Silhouette can be read from cover to cover in minutes but the images and ideas it evokes challenge the mind for some time. Joining writers from Wordsworth to Dereck Walcott to Maya Angelou, Betty Rolle, too, makes her link from The Bahamas to the rest of the world in this collection. The human spirit has no boundaries. This is the reflection of Silhouette.