Shout from the Rooftops in Your Stilettos

Excerpts & Samples

By Julie Hunt

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Shout from the Rooftops in Your Stilettos

ABOUT Julie Hunt

Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is a free flowing source of hope, energy, and inspiration who tells it like it is giving straight forward and simple tips and advice so you can live happier days and obliterate the monotony of life. She is on a self propelled mission to scream, skip, run, jump, shout, dance, and More...



All love and no rules. Shout From The Rooftop In Your Stilettos is designed for you to skip around on the stage. Start from the back, the middle or any ol? page that suits you. Close your eyes and flip to a random section to see what inspiration is waiting to jump off the pages and greet you ? revealing itself to you - in that very moment of your life. Dive right in or tuck a page in your pocket for later. Scribble love notes in the margins, copy the page, and send it to a friend. Let them witness and celebrate your light. The purpose here is to play, have fun, and feel free in flow. In 5 minutes or less a day you will see the world and the magnificent woman you are in a brighter and better way. It's designed to fit into short, small, brief moments of your life - moments you actually have. Then power up the rest of your day with joy, fulfillment, and possibility. Quick reads, inspirational messages, and personal stories that will warm your heart.