The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom

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By Ben Johnson

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom

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Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson is one of Florida's designated experts on the reading portion of the CLAST (College Level Academic Skills Test), and he has acted as a consultant with many schools in other states (Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, etc.) to help their students better prepare for proficiency/exit tests More...



Most women pay little attention to their breasts unless there is a problem. The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom changes that focus from illness to wellness and provides specific ways women can create and sustain breast health throughout their lives. This book presents a unique approach that stems from the principles of the Law of Attraction as presented in the blockbuster movie, The Secret, in which Dr. Johnson appears. The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom expands on the Law of Attraction by adding the principles of quantum physics and cellular memory. It's loaded with practical advice about wearing bras, the value of thermograms vs. mammograms, the healthiest diet, the best supplements, why biopsies might not be in the best interest of the patient and more. Finally, the book gives calm and reassuring advice about what to do if things go wrong, advice on the best methods of treatment, details of complementary cancer treatments and how to prevent recurrence of breast disease.