The Rose in the Hospital Chapel: God's Will Is Our Choice

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By Penelope Kaye

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

The Rose in the Hospital Chapel: God's Will Is Our Choice

ABOUT Penelope Kaye

Penelope Kaye
Penelope Kaye is a registered nurse who works in the Labor & Delivery department at a large hospital in Richmond, VA.



Deep biblical concepts are written in a practical, easy to identify with format that lays the foundation for the beautifully written gut-wrenching story. This modern day fictional love story is about faithful Christians who were never taught the core needs of the "heart" and how it relates to God's will. Leading to difficult situations that require intense choices as the characters unknowingly seek to have these core needs filled by something or someone other than God! The story about the Garret's, the Ellis' and others is power packed with emotion. It will leave one, laughing, crying and even sensing the presence of God through the characters as it simply reflects the evangelical message in such a way that everyone can relate to! Together, the evangelical message and the fictional story bounce off of each other page after thrilling page into a climatic jerk of the soul that will leave one understanding why God's will is our choice!