Paving It Forward: 120 Pre-Paves That Will Put You in the Passing Lane

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By Elisabeth Fayt

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Paving It Forward: 120 Pre-Paves That Will Put You in the Passing Lane

ABOUT Elisabeth Fayt

Elisabeth Fayt
Elisabeth Fayt is a world-renowned inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and motivational film star. The Owner/Founder of RnR Wellness, a successful chain of wellness spas, Elisabeth is a Master at compelling both business & personal audiences alike, inspiring thousands to reach their greate More...



People spend more time choosing what they are going to wear in the morning than they do choosing how they will connect with people, how they feel or what they will accomplish. Pre-Paving is consciously choosing how you want to look, live and feel through every part of your day and every part of your life. You might say, "if only life were so simple." I say, "Yes, it is and I will prove it to you!"
"I know that when you finish reading this book your life will never be the same. I can tell you from my own personal experience that reading this book has made a great and significant change in my attitude. It has brought me peace, comfort, faith in myself and shed a bright light on my future!" -- Frank Maguire "Co-founder of FedEx""Paving it Forward is about consciously crating a life of passion and purpose. This book offers a powerful technique for applying the Law of Attraction along with personal stories full of insight and inspiration." -- Marci Shimoff "NY Time bestselling author, "Happy for No Reason" and "Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul", featured teacher in The Secret""Pave it Forward will inspire you to transform your innermost dominant thoughts and alter your outermost tangible reality." -- Dr. John F. Demartini "Bestselling author of "The Breakthrough Experience A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Development", Luminary from the Secret""A powerful woman. Elisabeth Fayt makes things happen." -- Ron Joyce "Order of Canada, Canadian Business Hall of Fame"