Outrageous Advertising That's Outrageously Successful

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By Bill Glazer

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Outrageous Advertising That's Outrageously Successful

ABOUT Bill Glazer

Bill Glazer
Bill Glazer is President of Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle, Professional Speaker, Marketing Consultant and Coach, and a much sought after copywriter. After 30 years of 'in-the-trenches' work with his own hugely successful businesses he perfected his unusually effective advertising (i.e. O More...



When a sprinkler malfunctioned at a Baltimore menswear store, three inches of water sat on the floor and much of the merchandise was wet. The owner, the author of this book, could have done the normal thing and sell the wet merchandise to a Jobber--a business that buys damaged goods in bulk for cheap. Instead, he did the OUTRAGEOUS thing--he advertised in a very OUTRAGEOUS way which resulted in receiving much more than he would have received from the Jobber. It was easy.

Here is an OUTRAGEOUS idea--it's easy to make a lot of money from advertising. That's right, easy money! This book, OUTRAGEOUS ADVERTISING THAT'S OUTRAGEOUSLY SUCCESSFUL, explains in certain terms how to advertise and make money.

Rich with examples and stories showing exactly how to implement a successful OUTRAGEOUS program, this book cracks the code on getting a return on your advertising dollars--an OUTRAGEOUS return!

"In selling different is good. You need to stand out from the crowd of sales people & businesses that are trying to capture your potential clients' attention and money. In OUTRAGEOUS Advertising, That's OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful, Bill Glazer does just that. In fact, in reading it, I discovered some great strategies to apply to my own marketing effort -- Tom Hopkins "Author of How to Master the Art of Selling""I learned long ago that there are ads that win awards and there are ads that make money. Bill Glazer's book is full of the latter. In fact, I've paid copywriters $10,000 or more to write ads that weren't half as good as the ones in this book. Grab your copy because you'll pay for it twenty times with your very first campaign." -- Bill Harrison "Partner, FreePublicity.com""What I love about Bill Glazer is that he not only delivers OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful Advertising through traditional offline media, he has conquered it online as well. There isn't a business owner or entrepreneur alive who couldn't profit from this." -- Derek Gehl "Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer""I'm disappointed with & dislike this book. I am disappointed Bill has packed it so full & given away so much for such a small, token price & I unsuccessfully argued for stripping it back when I reviewed the manuscript. As is, this should be a $1,000 or $2,000 info-product sold as a kit of resources, not a book sold for the price of a Starbuck." -- Dan Kennedy "Author, Speaker, Consultant Dankennedy.com"