Modern Pirates: Protect Your Company from the Software Police

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By Alan L Plastow

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Modern Pirates: Protect Your Company from the Software Police

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Alan L Plastow



We have evidence that your company is engaged in the unlawful use of our software. We will not hesitate to enforce our rights through litigation. Will you be prepared when the software police or copyright cops send you a letter opening with this statement? Every day, hundreds of companies like yours face accusations of software copyright violations. Right this minute, there are more than 26 American and 95 global copyright enforcement entities targeting you. How many of your employees wouldn't hesitate to report your company's licensing mistakes for a $2,000 to $50,000 reward? Whether large or small, your company could be audited at any time by a copyright holder bent on increasing revenue streams at your expense. Consumer ignorance is not an option. Litigation is the norm, with violation costs reaching millions of dollars. Modern Pirates reveals, in detail, the risks your company takes simply by owning computers. Inside Modern Pirates you'll discover the tactics being used to litigate compliance along with proven strategies for preventing your company from becoming a helpless target. A copyright enforcement group only has to investigate your company once. You have to monitor your copyright compliance every single day. Modern Pirates documents your best defense.