Metavalues Breakthrough: Limitless Power, Boundless Opportunities

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By Larry Mullins

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Metavalues Breakthrough: Limitless Power, Boundless Opportunities

ABOUT Larry Mullins

Larry Mullins
LARRY MULLINS is President and CEO of UltraSales, Inc. He has written many articles and lectured around the country to businesses and universities about the practical application of MetaValues. For the first time, The MetaValues Breakthrough offers a complete presentation of his revolution More...



Abraham Maslow's forgotten discovery expanded, clarified, and presented in a dynamic new program.

The Lost "Secret" of the top one percent of achievers: "What constituted the big difference for self-actualizing people was that their activity became a channel or medium for expressing the eternal, ultimate values--the true, the good, the beautiful, the just...I had found men and women in everyday life who were embracing, actually living, these ultimate values." A. H. Maslow, Future Visions, The Unpublished Papers of Abraham Maslow.

FOR THE FIRST TIME, The MetaValues Breakthrough makes the elusive process of Self-Actualization an experience-able, living reality for the "average" reader.

"Larry Mullins' book, The MetaValues Breakthrough, shows how noble values and a life of purpose can transform ordinary existences into lives of unforgettable meaning and extreme worth. His message is timely and important. His personal story and mission are filled with inspiration and hope. Read this book today!" -- Robyn Freedman Spizman "Nationally Known Media Personality, Speaker and Co-author of "Do Your Giving While You Are Living" with Edie Fraser""I am a psychologist, helping people to overcome emotional pain & unnecessary self-limitations. Larry Mullins does a marvelous job of incorporating wisdom and experience from his own life & those of many other outstanding people, integrating it all with Maslow's concepts to present the most advanced framework ever written. -- Jill Strunk, Ph.D. "Director, Thought Field Therapy Center""Larry Mullins advances the concepts of Abraham Maslow by showing how the top one percent of achievers tap into an endless flow of energy, inspiration, and motivation. I would urge anyone interested in spiritual growth and experiential wisdom to read this inspiring and helpful book and seek to put in practice, to live, its transforming insights." -- Meredith J. Sprunger, M.Th., Ph.D. "President Emeritus, Indiana Institute of Technology"