Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool

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By Sherry Prescott-Willis

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool

ABOUT Sherry Prescott-Willis

Sherry Prescott-Willis
Sherry Prescott-Willis has over eighteen years of marketing experience specializing in both consumer and high technology products. She is passionate about helping early and mid-stage companies develop effective marketing strategies and tactics. Her background includes working with small,  More...



Think you're ready to market your product or service--think again..don't take another step until you read this book!

Most marketing books give you a formula for how to market your stuff, or they give you ideas, sometimes really good ones, on how to do it. But no one actually helps you set up a marketing plan that works for you.

This book is different. It helps you formulate an actual marketing plan, based on what your customers think and feel. It's interactive, and it teaches you how to mine information so you really do find out what your customers are thinking.

This book gives you the opportunity to make smarter, more effective decisions about your marketing.

You can make smart marketing decisions.

You can be an effective marketer.

You can be a savvy marketer.

"Most marketing books are filled with mind-numbing jargon and ponderously complex models that are of more value to consultants and college professors than to people who actually run a business. Not this book. Writing with an engaging, straightforward style and offering useful pragmatic exercises, Sherry Prescott-Willis shows the reader how." -- Oren Harari "Author, "Break from the Pack" Professor of Management, University of San Francisco"