Live Life Like It Matters!: How to Get the Best Out of Live Without Life Getting the Best of You

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By Muriel C Moton

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Live Life Like It Matters!: How to Get the Best Out of Live Without Life Getting the Best of You

ABOUT Muriel C Moton

Muriel C Moton
Muriel Moton, the founder of Understanding Your Value Incorporated, began her professional speaking and development training career in 1998. Rather than leaving her audiences with just a "feel good" message, Muriel's messages and custom workshops induce participants to have a continuing th More...



DO YOU KNOW MURIEL MOTON? Well, it's time you did. Muriel Moton is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and trainer with a shocking past and a powerful presence. In Live Life Like It Matters, Muriel breaks her silence of nearly twenty years speaking to you in a heart-to-heart conversation of what nearly ruined her life, and what has allowed her to prevail, emerging as a major world influencer in the 21st century. In these pages, Muriel's well crafted words of inspiration, principles, lessons and stories will engaged you and be a catalyst for introspection, reflection and vision that will empower you to rise to new heights of authenticity, courage and wisdom. You will find comfort in: *Connecting with someone who understands your journey, *Embracing the opportunity to let go and soar, *Creating love stories that only you can manifest, *Developing a deeper appreciation for the gifts that reside inside of you, and *Being inspired to live in greater truth that your life matters.
Live Life Like It Matters is an inspirational masterpiece of wise counsel that provides the blue print to authentic power and success. Muriel proves how you can move to new heights no matter your obstacles or circumstances. Once you read this book you will become inspired and liberated to live your life like it matters because it truly does.