Gerkins: Fly by Firefly

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By Deanna Rupa

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Gerkins: Fly by Firefly

ABOUT Deanna Rupa

Deanna Rupa
Deanna Rupa, the creator of The Gerkins, grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where at the young age of eight years old, she realized she had a creative mind. She was more fascinated by the mechanics of how Tom & Jerry moved on the screen than simply enjoying the antics of the cartoons. De More...



When it comes to mischief and adventure, the Gerkins are the first to find it. The curious antics of these sweet little pickle seeds will delight toddlers and preschoolers as they grow from adventure to adventure toward a path of learning and enlightenment. In Gerkin Hollow, the Gerkins are constantly learning what it means to be a good seed. So pickle up a cozy blanket and jump into Fly by Firefly. Easy learning, easy rhyming, The Gerkins and Fly by Firefly will have your child wanting to hear it over and over again. We guarantee it!