From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership

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By Michelle Y Drake

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership

ABOUT Michelle Y Drake

Michelle Y Drake
Michelle Yozzo Drake is the founder and CEO of the Cove Group, a management consulting firm in Mystic, Connecticut. She coaches executives and entrepreneurs to be strategic communicators, improving their sales, customer service and their bottom line.



Can the perfect loaf of bread provide a lesson in leadership? Can a Thanksgiving meal provide insight into organizational structure? Mom thinks so! For all the moms out there...or anyone who has a mom! From the Kitchen to the Corner Office pays tribute to the women who raised us and taught us how to be successful, even when we weren't aware they were doing it. What we thought was fun with mom was actually business lessons in disguise. From Mimi, the great-granddaughter of US Vice President James S. Sherman to Marty, mother of twelve to Aunt Jenni, a powerhouse Italian immigrant, author Michelle Yozzo Drake finds business acumen in some unexpected places. When we listen carefully, we find that mom's wisdom can provide all we need to reach any goal or succeed in whatever career we choose. Her words can provide strength, courage and laughter to carry us through the obstacle course of our careers.