The Ethics Challenge: Strengthening Your Integrity in a Greedy World

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By Bob Stone

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

The Ethics Challenge: Strengthening Your Integrity in a Greedy World

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Bob Stone
Bob Stone served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Installations, where he radically decentralized authority, cut regulations, fostered excellence, and got into occasional hot water. He then led the White House effort to reinvent government. His Confessions of a Civil Servant: L More...



The news pages are full of unethical politicians, the sports pages full of rule breaking players and parents, the business pages full of sleazy companies and greedy CEOs, the education pages full of students who cheat on exams. What's a person to think? Perhaps you really do have to cheat to win. Perhaps you need to shade the truth to get ahead. Good people hear that "everybody does it," and wonder.

Read THE ETHICS CHALLENGE: STRENGTHENING YOUR INTEGRITY IN A GREEDY WORLD and wonder no more. This breezy, story-filled guide to becoming a more ethical person explains why ethical behavior is a winning strategy, then lays out six things everyone can do to keep strong and to follow their good intentions. It prepares people to stick to their basic values in the face of ethical challenges they meet every day.

"When you read The Ethics Challenge, you'll see that ethics is alive and well in America - an important book for today's leaders." -- Ken Blanchard "coauthor of The One Minute Manager""Powerful, personal, and most important, relevant for today's students of business and society." -- Robert A. Eckert "Chairman and CEO, Mattel, Inc""Will enrich the lives of its readers and transform everyone around them to treat others as they wish to be treated." -- George Deukmejian "35th governor of California""Will help leaders strengthen their core ethical behavior and develop both personally and professionally." -- Dr. Charles B. Reed "Chancellor, California State University System""Delivers a clear and simple message: merely talking about honesty and integrity is not enough. We each have to walk the walk everyday." -- William S. Kanaga "Retired Chairman, Ernst & Young, and former Chairman, U.S. Chamber of Commerce""Brings virtue to life with stories and parables that should be read by everyone. A moral compass is essential to a happy life and a healthy society." -- Philip K. Howard "author of Life Without Lawyers and The Death of Common Sense""Powerful, easy to read - will certainly help practitioners of the art of leadership, as well as those that follow them." -- James Kennedy "former Director, Kennedy Space Center""Please read The Ethics Challenge. Please act on it. Your professional and family life alikeliterally depend on it. Bravo!" -- Tom Peters ""uber-guru of management" (The Economist)"