Energy Over Mind: How to Control Your Life Using the Mace Energy Method

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By John Mace

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Energy Over Mind: How to Control Your Life Using the Mace Energy Method

ABOUT John Mace

John Mace
Dr. John Mace was awarded a PHD for his unique and groundbreaking research, which led him to develop the Mace Method. He is Principal of a successful training academy in Perth, West Australia, where he also works as a Mace Method practitioner.



Used by trained practitioners around the world, the Mace Method is a powerful tool for emotional healing that is having remarkable effects on people's lives. In a total departure from conventional counseling, it does not involve any self-disclosure & requires only one or two therapy sessions, which can even be carried out over the phone.

In his compelling new book, John Mace describes the revolutionary concept of Causism & its practical component, the Mace Method, & explains how the unknowingly created negative identities that influence our lives & prevent us attaining our goals can be located & dis-created.

Based on years of research & study, this simple but extraordinarily effective therapy will allow you to regain control of your life & find the real you. Not only can it put you on the path to emotional & psychological health and eliminate the stress that underlies many physical health problems, it can also lead to a marked improvement in your general health, well being & confidence.