Earn Twice as Much with Half the Stress

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By Paul Lemberg

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Earn Twice as Much with Half the Stress

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Paul Lemberg
Paul Lemberg, "The Unreasonable Consultant," is Chief Business Accelerator and CEO of Quantum Growth Consulting. He has worked with Accenture, Adobe, American Skandia, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, IBM, LexisNexis, OpenText, and SAIC, as well as thousands of fast-growth entrepreneurial companies.  More...



Would you like to know how to earn twice as much income with half the personal and business stress? It's really not that complicated. Here's how... 1. Create an inspiring vision for your business as you want it to be and get people to do what you want by helping them get what they want; 2. Build efficient marketing systems that generate leads for as small of a cost as possible; 3. Qualify those leads so you do business only with clients that you can really help; 4. Delivery extraordinary value to those clients; 5. Manage your financial resources with vigor and passion; 6. Turn-key your business to deliver consistent, predictable, ever-increasing results; 7. Recruit and train enthusiastic staff that share your values; and 8. Make space for abundance, organize your mind for prosperity, and give something back. Do these eight things well, and you'll beat the high-profile mega-corp competitors and turn your "sweat equity" into the business of your dreams. Simple? Yes. Easy? Not a chance. On your own, this process can take years. The statistics published by the US Small Business Administration are that two out of three small businesses don't last beyond six years. That means if you plan to survive, two of your colleagues may not. So how do you increase the odds of you not only surviving, but thriving? Learn from others. Learn what works, learn what doesn't, and learn better, faster, more cost-effective ways. And no doubt, that's why you're reading this today, because you're looking for a better, faster way to build your business. The good news is that is exactly why this site exists. My partner and I have started more than two dozen businesses over the last couple of decades. We have helpedliterally thousands of business owners start, grow, expand, and turn-key their businesses. Have all of these succeeded massively? Nope. Some have, some haven't. And in looking for the secrets to why some did so well, some struggled for years, and some failed, we concluded their were eight areas each business owner needs to have working well. Just like a big old V-8 car engine, you can run with one or two cylinders not working well, but to really get the performance you want, all eight cylinders need to be working together. Your business is the same. If all eight areas work smoothly, delivering consistent, predictable, ever-increasing results, you will have the business of your dreams. And you can literally save years of effort, struggle and expense this way.