Driven to Success: A 10-Point Checkup for Achieving High Performance in Business

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By Jane Goldner

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Driven to Success: A 10-Point Checkup for Achieving High Performance in Business

ABOUT Jane Goldner

Jane Goldner
Jane Goldner, PhD, president and founder of The Goldner Group, is one of the nation's leading authorities on alignment and talent retention, and a trusted advisor to Fortune 100 Companies, government and military organizations and small to mid-sized businesses. Dr Goldner has been a key co More...



In Driven to Success, leadership & business crisis expert Jane Goldner, PhD, explains that the creation & maintenance of a healthy, cohesive & successful company depends on the leadership's willingness to regularly look under the hood & assess what's working, what needs improvement & what innovations can be made to take the company to the next level of success. Why search under the hood? Because being proactive produces far better results than being reactive.

Driven to Success is a step-by-step guide designed to help business leaders propel their organizations to the next level of high performance. The book's 10-Point Checkup allows readers to evaluate their actions at a glance & hold colleagues & employees accountable for doing the same. Dr Goldner's Business Operating System Solution for Enterprise Results (BOSS) helps build internal alignment across the company & through all systems which is required to attract, develop and retain talent on the road to becoming highly successful.

.,"What separates those who win and those who don't is often measured in a photo finish, but if you read Driven to Success and follow its timeless advice, the checkered flag will be waving for you." -- Fred Shaftman "President, Bellsouth, Large Business Services Corporate Officer, Retired"