Defying the Darkness: My Search for True Light

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By Rosalie Welch-Johnson

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Defying the Darkness: My Search for True Light

ABOUT Rosalie Welch-Johnson

Rosalie Welch-Johnson
Rosalie Welch-Johnson is married to Michael V. Johnson, residing in Bangor, Maine. She has two beloved step sons. Seth, a college student studying to be a veterinary technician, is twenty-one and lives with them.Noah, age eighteen, lives with his mother and will be attending Maine Maritime More...



This is a book for everybody, young and old, rich and poor. It is filled with life lessons that apply to everyone. It tells the true story of a young girl who courageously fought against the darkness in her life, both physical and spiritual. Rosalie was born blind but, with the help of family, battled and overcame many hurtles in her way. She then came down with rheumatoid arthritis at age ten. This doubly-challenged girl gave her heart and life to Jesus Christ at eleven. With this decision, the spiritual darkness was lifted for, darkness is nothing but the absence of light. When the Light of the world came in, she became a new creation in Him, but the physical and some emotional challenges continued. At age twelve, a lifelong dream came true for her that would further change her life. The story follows her partway through college. She is now working on a sequel.