Compatibility Code: An Intelligent Woman's Guide to Dating and Marriage

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By Elizabeth E George

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Compatibility Code: An Intelligent Woman's Guide to Dating and Marriage

ABOUT Elizabeth E George

Elizabeth E George
How could award-winning businesswoman and world-class athlete Elizabeth George have been so unsuccessful in her first two attempts at marriage? Consider her accomplishments: Selection as "Top 40 Business Executive Under the Age of 40;" Master's degree in HR Management; CEO of Prefix Soluti More...



With divorce rates for first and second marriages well over 50%, it's time to take the guesswork out of compatibility. Millions of otherwise intelligent, well-adjusted women fall in love and marry men with whom they are truly incompatible. The Compatibility Code changes all that. Authors Elizabeth and Darren George, having each been part of the grim divorce statistics, set out to research the problem and find a way to reduce the risk and improve the chances of success in marriage. What they learned will surprise, if not shock, you into a new understanding of the role of love, romance, sex, communication, and more. You'll discover how to de-bunk the myth of Prince Charming, take 3 critical steps to prequalify your guy and Pre-Fix a lasting marriage, negotiate your differences while savoring your similarities--and live your own "forever" ending! This easy-to-follow partner selection code gives you the freedom and confidence to fall in love.
"I have spent my career preparing people for marriage and retro-fitting troubled marriages. This book masterfully applies common sense rooted in solid research to the awesome task of choosing a mate. Those who follow this model will avoid the therapeutic treadmill so common today." -- Howard Eyrich, D.Min. "Author of Three to Get Ready: A Premarital Counseling Manual"