Choices & Challenges: Lessons in Faith, Hope, and Love

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By Alan G Greer

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Choices & Challenges: Lessons in Faith, Hope, and Love

ABOUT Alan G Greer

Alan G Greer
Alan Greer, as a nationally recognized trial lawyer and political activist, has followed a lifelong quest to understand the human condition, our relationship to God and each other, as well as the meaning of our lives. Since graduating from Annapolis and serving in both submarines and a yea More...



Choices & Challenges is a fresh way of looking at humanity's relationships with God and each other.

Based on the concept that while God loves us He does not exist to serve humanity but that we exist to serve God, Alan Greer confronts and debunks the atheistic notion that since our world and its multitude of religions are demonstrably imperfect with each and every one of us not being protected from all harm, God can not exist because if He did He would have prevented all such imperfections.

Greer likewise challenges the other extreme that two to four thousand years ago God laid down a series of laws and rules that can not under any circumstances be changed or broken. Instead Greer shows how God has taught us how and when to break those rules in favor of new and better ones.

Choices & Challenges demonstrates that God has an ongoing purpose for each of us and for humanity as a whole that stretches into the far distant future.