The Chase for Beauty

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By Robert Mendelson

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

The Chase for Beauty

ABOUT Robert Mendelson

Robert Mendelson
To tell Dr. Hurwitz's gripping saga, Robert Mendelson relied on the experience he accumulated in his 28-year writing career as an award-winning author (A Family Divided), journalist, and editor. An English major at Franklin and Marshall College (Lancaster, Pa.), Mr. Mendelson's interest in More...



Dr. Dennis Hurwitz's chase for beauty hasn't merely been in the operating room. It has been in the plastic surgeon's own backyard. As a father, he was confronted with unimaginable ugliness when, on October 27, 1989, he stepped out his backdoor and into what is every loving parent's most horrific nightmare. Heroically, he somehow found beauty again. But a decade later, after he tried to achieve one of his miraculous surgical outcomes for a young deformed patient, he was drawn into another abyss of ugliness. The "Chase for Beauty" is about much more than Dennis Hurwitz, the plastic surgeon. It's about a man who never gave up his personal or professional chase for beauty in a world that could be so ugly.
Biographer Mendelson offers an intimate look into the tumultuous personal life of a man whose profession is usually equated with superficiality, and effectively presents multiple perspectives on the doctor's character, career and life. A rewarding read.