Celebrating Success!: Fourteen Ways to a Successful Company

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By Ronald Finklestein

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Celebrating Success!: Fourteen Ways to a Successful Company

ABOUT Ronald Finklestein

Ronald Finklestein
As a business and technology consultant, coach, speaker, author and Certified Knowledge Manager, Finklestein has both business and technology experience spanning two decades. Finklestein is skilled in many aspects of business and spends a majority of his time coaching and consulting in the More...



Written to give individuals and owners of small business a roadmap to improve their individual and corporate performance. A consolidation years of business and technology experience from a variety of experts to provide a proven roadmap for success. A roadmap created by studying what other small companies did to be successful. Appling these principles in your business you will achieve more success, create more balance in your life, and increase your prosperity while creating the life you truly want.