Building Lean Companies: How to Keep Companies Profitable as They Grow

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By Hans D Baumann

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Building Lean Companies: How to Keep Companies Profitable as They Grow

ABOUT Hans D Baumann

Hans D Baumann
Hans Baumann is a world-renowned engineer specializing in control equipment and acoustics. He attended Western Reserve University earning a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, and is a member of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society. His career has spanned from serving as Corporate Vice-P More...



Hans D. Baumann, has almost fifty years of business experience analyzing the organizational structure & internal workings of hundreds of companies &, as a result, has reached some startling conclusions as to the major influences affecting their profitability.

Ever wonder why large corporations become less profitable? Or, why old established companies such as General Motors & Delta Airlines seem to go out of business? Are larger companies really more efficient than their smaller brethren? What does a high price to earning ratio really tell you about the operating efficiency of a company? Is it a good idea to hold on to the shares of a company after a merger has been concluded? Does it pay to split-up a company? What is the relationship between the organization of the US Army and corporate hierarchy? Why do most business mergers fail?

You will find answers to these & other questions, given in a plain & sometimes humorous manner, in the book How to Keep Companies Profitable as They Grow.