The Bridge: The Role of Design in Marketing

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By Bruce MacDonald

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

The Bridge: The Role of Design in Marketing

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Bruce MacDonald
Bruce Macdonald has more than 40 years in the marketing communications business. During these years he held positions and roles including: 4 years as an illustrator and designer in Chicago, 4 years with an American design firm in London, 10 years as an advertising executive and managing di More...



The Bridge is a new look at an old subject, the influence of art & design from the 1st millennium to the 21st century. It is carefully explored in this fascinating book about "commercial persuasion." Today's market managers would be wise to become aware of the value & diversity of the creative world just as the creative makers & graphic designers must learn to appreciate the marketing strategies & tactics that lead to the introduction of a new product. This book explores that world in a new & fresh way, one that is informative yet entertaining. Readers will learn how logos began, back in the mists of time & on ancient battlefields & how they are used today by big corporations. When did packages first appear & become brands, fiercely fighting for market dominance? Why is advertising so powerful a tool of persuasion that advertisers like Anheuser Busch are willing to pay $2.7 million for a 30 second commercial on the Superbowl? All these subjects & more are explored in this book by the
So many works on advertising communications are either 'How to' books written by academics who never have done it or 'And then I wrote books' by geezers celebrating their accomplishments. The Bridge is neither. It is both entertaining and enlightening. Anyone who creates or is exposed to advertising, marketing and design will find it a great 'read' -- Walter Bregman "Former President International Playtex, Former President Norman, Craig and Kummel Advertising, author of "Spray the Bear - Reminiscences from the Golden Age of Advertising""