Boy in the Window

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By Barbara Coppo

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Boy in the Window

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Barbara Coppo



It was the miraculous discovery of my son's genius that almost went unnoticed. If not for a very sharp and intuitive young man working as Kenny's aide at school, the desire to write about my son would not have arisen. Kenny, who has always been extremely hard to manage since his devastating shot, and the behaviors that most professionals felt warranted institutionalization, is as mysterious as his uncanny abilities. Though his genius levels have not made him rational or easier to manage, it gives hope and encouragement for parents that have given up the possibility that their child, because he/she can't talk, is unintelligent. And if they try the method in my book, called facilitation, they might be extremely surprised and shocked. But more than anything else, my book is about the daily challenges and unconditional love in raising someone like Kenny. That love has taken me down every avenue, in spite of the hardships, in hopes of getting him better. He was a perfectly normal and beautiful baby until the day he got his d.p.t. shot at 19 months old. Since that tragic day, there has never been a time without worry over Kenny, or a month of another impossible behavior to contend with.