Beyond My Yesterdays: A Woman's Journey from Darkness to Light

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By Jeannie Keneley

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Beyond My Yesterdays: A Woman's Journey from Darkness to Light

ABOUT Jeannie Keneley

Jeannie Keneley
Jeannie Keneley has enjoyed an entrepreneurial career spanning more than 20 years in the Interior Design field. Over her career, Jeannie has built and sold four small businesses, counting several nationwide corporations as well as residential homeowners among her clients. Jeannie's commitm More...



While many have written on the subject of divorce and healing through adversity, few have opened their hearts as fully as Jeannie Keneley does in Beyond My Yesterdays to give us insight into the extremely private world of despair and devastation in the process of healing from abuse, betrayal, and abandonment. Jeannie is a full-time Christian author and speaker with a passionate heart for the hurting, and an encouraging message for anyone that finds themselves lonely and lost in the process of life. Gleaning from the biblical story of the Woman at the Well, Jeannie paints a story of two women separated by two thousand years of history, but intrinsically woven together by one shared experience. As we look at these women, our eyes are opened to new insights and truths of the magnificent power of healing through God's amazing grace.