The Best Affirmations Handbook

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By Patricia A Ross

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

The Best Affirmations Handbook

ABOUT Patricia A Ross

Patricia A Ross
Dr. Patricia Ross, Ph.D, has been coaching students of all ages and from all walks of life since2001.Her passion is helping people express themselves better through writing and speaking and getting the right mindset to help them achieve their life's dreams and goals.



Why is it everyone knows they should be doing affirmations, but they don't?

Why is it some people say affirmations just gloss over the negative?

It's because no-one has ever given you a step-by-step guide on how to do affirmations effectively. Affirmations work. They work for millions of people around the world and they can work for you! They are the foundation for you to get the life you desire and dream about.

In this Handbook, you'll learn how to say them everyday, all the time. You'll find out how to identify your dominant thought, how to change your negative thinking, and much more!!

The Best Affirmations Handbook gets results! You can achieve the life of your dreamsif you do your affirmations and take action on them.

Buy the Best Affirmations Handbook and take it with you everywhere. Create your own affirmations habit, and may your life never be the same again!