Being the Present: 101 Ways to Inspire Living and Giving

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By Pilar Stella

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Being the Present: 101 Ways to Inspire Living and Giving

ABOUT Pilar Stella

Pilar Stella
Pilar Stella is a powerful author and dynamic woman--committed to social change and giving back. A graduate of Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health in International & Global Policy and Maternal and Child Health, Pilar has been committed to social justice, health, education, m More...



How much more full, powerful, and alive can we be when we live in pure love and joy every moment? What would it take for you to find, appreciate and fully live these moments? Think about it: have you ever really lived your life in the moment--feeling the sheer unadulterated joy of being? So often in today's society, people spend their lives in a fog not realizing the beauty and wonder that is present in every moment of their lives. In BEing the Present: 101 Ways to Inspire Living and Giving, Pilar Stella and Cynthia Aliza Blake offer you a way to choose to live fully in the moment. BEing the Present takes you on a journey of exploration of living in the moment--of being fully in the here and now and sharing the gifts that come by living fully moment by moment. Living in the moment seems impossible at times, yet the more we are willing to practice this throughout our day, the more natural it becomes. What will it take? When will it matter? What are you waiting start living?