Behavior Change: A View from the Inside Out

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By Hank Fieger

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Behavior Change: A View from the Inside Out

ABOUT Hank Fieger

Hank Fieger
Hank Fieger is a professional observer of human behavior. He is President of Hank Fieger Assoc., an international management consulting, training & coaching organization. He began his career in the training & development ┬Čeld in 1976, when he was trained as a coach by Timothy Gallwey, acc More...



This insightful and personal handbook offers business leaders, teachers, therapists, coaches--individuals from all walks of life--a working guide to help them modify, improve, and change their behavior. Embracing the belief that effective behavior resides within each individual, Behavior Change does not tell its readers what they need to do differently but rather illuminates the process of changing behavior based on four fundamental principles:

* Awareness and acceptance are the first steps to creating lasting change.

* Understanding what holds habitual behavior in place is key to doing things differently.

* Improvement means making a new choice and replacing old behavior patterns with more effective and productive ones.

* Reinforcement emphasizes that practice with feedback brings improvement.

"A wonderful reminder of all the resources already within us and provides a no nonsense "kick in the butt" to use those resources. The author draws on a depth of experience to show us in a clear and simple way to create shift in our lives." -- Henry Kimsey-House "Author of Co-Active Coaching and co-founder of The Coaches Training Institute (CTI)"