Axis of Influence: How Credibility and Likeability Intersect to Drive Success

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By Michael Lovas

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Axis of Influence: How Credibility and Likeability Intersect to Drive Success

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Michael Lovas
Michael Lovas is a writer, speaker, teacher and coach. Michael has authored many books, several columns and a thousand articles on Professional Credibility and Psychological Communication. He is the premier practitioner of Psychological Selling for Financial Advisors. You can find him deli More...



Why do people like you or trust you? Why do they hire you or follow you?

This book shows you that it's all in your Likeability and Credibility. Lovas and Holloway explore and expose these qualities and show you how to systematically improve both. If you want to improve your results with people, you need to understand how they perceive you. That's where Likeability and Credibility become vital to you. This is a must-read for every professional interested in achieving greater success!

Michael Lovas and Pam Holloway are authors of several popular programs and books including Face Values, How to read people and connect with them in less than three minutes. Find their other fascinating resources at:

"Read this book before your business associate, neighbor or significant other reads it. You'll discover the hidden thought processes that operate inside the minds of the people you seek to influence and those that seek to influence you. You'll also gain the tools to improve the perception of your credibility and likeability--two essential element -- Eldon Taylor "Author of Mind Programming"