AgeEsteem: Growing a Positive Attitude Toward Aging

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By Bonnie Lou Fatio

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

AgeEsteem: Growing a Positive Attitude Toward Aging

ABOUT Bonnie Lou Fatio

Bonnie Lou Fatio
Founder of AgeEsteem, Bonnie is an internationally recognized motivational speaker who inspires and challenges. Soon to be 64 she feels that life becomes more exciting each day. For twenty years she has specialized in motivation and its power to influence positive change in individuals and More...



A great elixir to feel happy and healthy is to live your age with passion and purpose. The beauty and excitement for life that we associate with youth exudes from within. This same zest for living also keeps the rest of us attractive and dynamic. It's not a question of age but of age-esteem. How we feel about ourselves in relation to our age governs our well being. Living with passion and purpose promotes both quality and longevity. Bonnie Fatio provokes a positive image of age being synonymous with confidence and self-esteem. Threading inspirational real life vignettes, examples of people who model age-esteem, humor and facts she shares the Secrets of AgeEsteem and challenges you to take action.