The 5 Year Journal for Women

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By Doreene Clement

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

The 5 Year Journal for Women

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Doreene Clement



Where were you a year ago ?
What were you doing 2 years ago ?
What were you feeling 3 years ago ?
What were your dreams 5 years ago ?

"THE 5 YEAR JOURNAL" will enable you to journalize and plan the next 5 years with what you want, what you have felt, and where you have been. Year by year your entries add to the total summary of your feelings and events, until, on one page you can look back at the past years, up to 5 years - day by day - thought by thought - experience by experience.

We tend to be hard on ourselves, not always giving ourselves the credit due for what growth and change has occurred. Journalizing in this Journal and in the Workbook sections, over a 5 year period will memorialize what was happening. Then having 5 years to look back upon, at one glance, can give us a more accurate reflection of what did or did not happen in the past.

Recording a relative reflection creates an accurate record of memories that we can then use for assessment and personal growth. This Journal will be a reminder and support, of where we have been and where we want to go with our lives. Even if you already journal, "THE 5 YEAR JOURNAL" can be effective in addition to what you are currently doing. This Journal can be a quick and easy tool for highlights and learning from hindsight. "THE 5 YEAR JOURNAL" has a unique design that allows you to start journaling any day of the year.

With the passage of time we gain a different perspective. Time is a healer and what was once hard or unbearable can now make more sense, giving us a clearer picture. Recording and tracking our lives in this Journal can actually bring relief, clarity, joy and laughter. You can also use the MonthEnd Summary, Quarterly Questions, Year End Favorites, The Best and Worst Things That Happened to Me, Q and A Year End, Create Your Own Topic, and Year End Summary as meters to track experiences at a glance.

Imagine sitting down, just you or with friends, remembering that favorite movie or favorite song, reading about what you were doing, what you were feeling, or what was happening in your life on a specific date. With this Journal there will be a first hand account of what was, what had happened to you in your life. With the distance and time in-between, you may have a new experience with your past and create a more rewarding future. Imagine passing this Journal on to a friend or family member so they could know you and your history. They could feel your joys and successes, and experience your pains and sorrows.

This Journal can also be used for personal or business items, recording important dates, future deadlines, anniversaries, and more. Dates important in your future can now be pre-recorded for a manner of easy reminding.

The most important idea to remember about "THE 5 YEAR JOURNAL" is that you now have a quick and easy-to-use tool that can be an asset for your well being. It can enhance and assist you in the many ways that you choose to use it. It can be fun.