Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Frannie Zellman

Publisher : Pearlsong Press

ABOUT Frannie Zellman

Frannie Zellman
Frannie Zellman received her MA in creative writing from Boston University in 1980 and blames none of her professors for what she has done or written since.She is a member of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) and has taught writing workshops for peo More...


In the near future the Pro-Health Laws of the United States of America have become so oppressive that people seeking freedom over their bodies have established a new country. In FatLand, life is good and scales are forbidden. Free from the hatred and discrimination of the Other Side, FatLanders have built happy, productive lives. But not everyone is flourishing.

Ava came to FatLand after her lover died from bariatric surgery. She threw herself into work, believing she was immune from love. Then she saw a beautiful dancer and lost her heart again.

Alvin and Reevie thought that by living in FatLand they could give their children and each other a chance for a life free of sizeism and racism. They didn't count on their lovely twin daughters' curiousity and yearing for excitement and danger.

Joanne and Ed carved out what they thought was a peaceful existence. But their bright children are anything but happy in the well-appointed home and tranquil life their parents had created in FatLand.

Well-to-do, attractive and sophisticated, Dara and Sandor thought they could make the FatLand Board dabce to whatever tune they wished. But their way of life and beliefs are about to be tested more severely than either of them could have imagined.

Dreaming and determined, luscious Margaret fled to FatLand after her rich, powerful paramour married a thin woman he didn't care for. She made a deal with her devil so she could publish the top flight newspaper FatLand badly needed. But then the devil called in the cards.

Soon these FatLanders and the freedom fighters on the Other Side will face forces threatening the health and happiness of all.

FatLand -- Entertaining, yet very thought-provoking

Frannie Zellman has woven an intriguing tale of a territory named FatLand, where fat people can live without being harassed. In fact, it's against the law for weight to be mentioned. People of FatLand have raised their children in a society completely free of any kind of fat prejudice.

Frannie has done an outstanding job of writing a story that, while futuristic, is close enough to home to be extremely thought-provoking. FatLand makes me want to do more fat activist work to make sure we don't wind up like the people on the Other Side...

Pat Ballard
Queen of Rubenesque Romance Novels