Yoga con Balón: Realce su Práctica de Yoga, usando el Balón de Ejercicios

Excerpts & Samples

By Carol Mitchell

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Carol Mitchell

Carol Mitchell
Carol Mitchell is a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and international fitness trainer whose methods have been featured on television, radio, and in newspapers. She has released two videos and her work has been featured in the Canadian Medical Journal. She offers seminars on creating  More...



Blends the ancient science of yoga with the unique training possibilities of the exercise ball to create an innovative and effective workout

• A unique combination of Hatha Yoga asanas and ball work that builds lean muscles while providing natural stress relief

• Includes a comprehensive workout adaptable to the needs of the beginner and those with a more advanced practice

Written by certified medical exercise specialist Carol Mitchell, Yoga con Balón combines the science of yoga with the technology of the exercise ball to create a workout that can be tailored to all fitness levels. Executing yoga postures while using the exercise ball is true ­“meditation in motion.” It allows you to engage several muscle groups simultaneously to ­create a total body workout. The exercise ball provides a soft and cushioning base for the strong stretches and graceful movements of the yoga exercises, and with only a slight roll of the ball, the deep stretches can be altered to target different areas of the muscles.

Yoga con Balón presents 67 postures--from introductory to advanced poses--detailed in step-by-step instructions and accompanied by 240 photographs. You can customize your practice, choosing between sculpting your muscles with toning and strengthening poses or relaxing your body and mind with stretching and breathing exercises. The author also offers three progressive yoga workouts for all levels of ability.

“At last! A new program that merges the ancient art of yoga with the modern science of exercise physiology. In an easy-to-use format Yoga con Balón provides it all--training for flexibility, strength, and endurance of body, mind, and spirit.”
Sam Dworkis, author of Recovery Yoga