Weaver of Worlds: From Navajo Apprenticeship to Sacred Geometry and Dreams--A Woman's Journey in Tapestry

Excerpts & Samples

By David Jongeward

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT David Jongeward

David Jongeward



David Jongeward brings to life the artistic journey of master weaver Carolyn Jongeward, beginning with her apprenticeship to Navajo weavers in Arizona and extending to her studies in sacred geometry and number symbolism, Native American philosophy, Jungian psychology, and creation mythology.

From her Navajo teachers, Carolyn learned the meaning of "sitting-still-within-the-harmony-place" while pursuing her craft and artistic vision. The dreams that came to her--many recorded here from her journals--inspired her designs and weavings in precise geometric and symbolic detail. Together with David Jongeward's evocative text, the reproductions of Carolyn's weavings--many in full color--reveal her art to be the focus of vast creative energy and a multi-faceted search for knowledge.
"Visionary dreams and ancient teachings woven into new patterns of compelling beauty."
Frank Waters, author of Book of the Hopi