Vacunas: Una Guí­a para Padres Inteligentes: Cómo tomar decisiones seguras y sensatas sobre los riesgos, beneficios, y alternativas

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By Aviva Jill Romm

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Aviva Jill Romm

Aviva Jill Romm
Aviva Jill Romm is a certified professional midwife, practicing herbalist, and the former president of the American Herbalists Guild. She is the author of The Natural Pregnancy Book, The Pocket Guide to Midwifery Care, and Naturally Healthy Babies and Children as well as coauthor of ADHD A More...



A balanced, comprehensive guide to routine childhood vaccinations that offers parents the information they need to make the right choices for their child.

• Fairly examines the pros and cons of this highly charged issue.

• By the well-known author of The Natural Pregnancy Book and Naturally Healthy Babies and Children and coauthor of ADHD Alternatives

Deciding whether or when to vaccinate a child is one of the most important--and most difficult--health-care decisions a parent will ever make. The recent increase in the number of vaccinations recommended and the concurrent controversies about whether vaccinations are safe or even effective have left many parents confused and concerned.

Midwife, herbalist, and mother of four, Aviva Jill Romm sifts through the spate of current research on vaccine safety and efficacy and offers a sensible, balanced discussion of the pros and cons of each routine childhood vaccination. She presents the full spectrum of options available to parents: full vaccination on a standardized or individualized schedule, selective vaccination, or no vaccinations at all. Negotiating daycare and school requirements, dealing with other parents, and traveling with an unvaccinated child are covered in detail. The book also suggests ways to strengthen children's immune systems and maintain optimal health and offers herbal and homeopathic remedies for childhood ailments. Emphasizing that no single approach is appropriate for every child, the author guides parents as they make the choices that are right for their child.

"The best book I've seen on the subject. Its commonsense, nonhysterical approach assures legitimate informed consent."
Peggy O'Mara, publisher of Mothering magazine

"Aviva Romm has written a book of aid and comfort for agonized parents who must make intelligent life decisions for their kids while lacking reliable information about how vaccines act."
Richard Moskowitz, M.D.

"This must-read book is a valuable resource for all parents." 
Mary Bove, N.D., author of The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants

"Aviva Jill Romm brings a high level of intelligence and insight to the debate on public policies regarding vaccination. Level-headed and thoroughly researched, yet eminently readable, her book leaves no stones unturned and refuses to shy away from challenging the status quo. It should be read by every parent who is considering vaccination for their child; and I daresay that it should also be mandatory reading for every health professional in the position of recommending (or discouraging) the use of vaccines."
Robert Rountree, M.D., coauthor of Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child

"Aviva Romm has written a well researched book that will educate and empower parents."
Lawrence B. Palevsky, M.D., Holistic and Integrative Pediatrician

"Now especially, as the anthrax scare has some folks advocating compulsory vaccinations for all, Romm's wise and well-written book is a breath of fresh air."
MS, Napra ReView, January/February 2002

"Romm takes a holistic approach to disease prevention yet provides balanced information on all aspects of the vaccination controversy. Overall, the book uses a commonsense approach that allows the reader to weigh the available options."
Living Without, Summer 2002

". . . provides objective, useful information to support parents as they make decisions about immunization."
Barabara M. Bibel, Criticas, Fall 2006